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Moraga Valley Swim & Tennis Club started in the years following WWII, when 55 homes were built along Ivy Drive. Young families, mostly veterans, bought their homes with some help from the GI Bill for about $17,000. The neighborhoods were known as "Upper Ivy" and "Lower Ivy" and the land between consisted of Pear Orchards owned by the Utah Construction Company (UCC).  The UCC intended to build a light industrial complex on the orchards, an idea the homeowners opposed at every County Planning meeting. In an attempt to win them over, the UCC sold the homeowners a parcel of land for about $10,000 (about $20,000 under market).

Seven neighbors decided to build a swim club on the land and they set to work recruiting 300 members.  Original memberships cost $300, which covered the cost of the land and the additional $80,000 necessary to build the pool and facilities. While part of the original design, the tennis courts were not added until the early1970's. Early plans called for the pool to be an "L" shape, but the shallow end was added later to accommodate young children and the pool took on its current "Z" shape.  The area around the pool was designed by a Cal grad and he took the idea from the shape of the Greek Theatre to allow plenty of room to "sun bathe,” while still being able to see the pool. Construction of the pool and its original facilities were completed in under a year and the Club opened in 1958.

MVP Circa 1958

Moraga Valley Pool had a swim team in its very first year. In those days, dual meets lasted about two hours, with one timer per lane and no food (or candy!) sales. The MVP swim team quickly became a powerhouse. Early coaching staffs included John and Bob Savage, Larry Meyer, Phil Bush, Rick Dawson,Chris Coran, Randy Warner, Russ Lindgren (father of the much loved Date Night), Stu Kahn, and Pool Managers Bruce Little, Stan Oberg, and Cheryl Collins. Moraga Valley Pool (not yet the Marlins) won their first "All Orinda Meet” in 1969 (now known as the OMPA).

The swim team has been a big part of MVP’s history through the years and the program has produced the following United States Olympians, who have won a combined 16 Olympic medals.

Dre McDonald, Water Polo Drew McDonald
Water Polo
1980 Moscow 
1984 Los Angeles (silver medal) 
Matt Biondi, Swimming Matt Biondi
1984 Los Angeles  (gold medal)
1988 Seoul  (5 gold , 1 silver, 1 bronze 
1992 Barcelona  (2 gold, 1 silver)
Heather Petri, Water Polo Heather Petri
Water Polo
2000 Sydney (silver medal)
2004 Athens (bronze medal)
2008 Beijing (silver medal)
2012 London (gold medal)